Paailo Module Toilet

eLav is an automatically self-cleaning smart public toilet model designed and fabricated in Nepal by Yantra Makers Team. This single occupancy toilet model comes in two variants: squatting pan type and commode seat type. This eLav model is designed to be installed in compact city spaces and be operate stand alone. The unit accepts bank note and digital payments on its own and guides its users through audio instructions and visual signages about the toilet usage. This fully solar powered unit automatically cleans its floor, pan/commode, wall, wash basin and solar panels on a set routine basis. The unit comes in a complete system from solar power to toilet module to waste management system all packaged as one unit.



melaaToilet is a toiletOnWheels type mobile public toilet model designed and fabricated in Nepal by Yantra Makers Team. This towable toilet unit comprises two female toilets, two male toilets and three male urinals that total of 7 users can use this toilet at a time. Syphon-less pan design and on-board installed liquid waste management system help reduced per user water consumption and overflowing of on-toilet waste collection tank. The toilet unit designed to maintain privacy of the users in open public while hand washing facility is provided in all toilets and urinals. This design of toilet model is best suited for public events like Mela and Mahostav (exhibition and fairs.

2015 First Auto Public Toilet

Introducing our revolutionary Auto Public Toilet – a cutting-edge solution for enhanced hygiene and convenience in public spaces. Experience the future of restroom technology now!

Gemstone sphere shape grinder machine

Gemstone sphere shape grinder machine designed and fabricated in Nepal by Yantra Maker Team. The machine can grind up to the size of 120mm diameter or gemstone weighing less than 4 Kgs. Use of the induction motor and additional cooling fans make machine capable of running continuously and silently for several hours. The grinding cup with different grits and sizes can be very easily and quickly changed and replaced. The unit consumes total of 300W of 220VAC power. A 3-litter capacity tank for cooling water is added with water flow regulator and dripping nozzle adjustment mechanism. We can customer made the machine as the customer demands and needs.

Semi-automatic Dhoop Extruder Machine

Semi-automatic Dhoop Extruder Machine designed and fabricated by Yantra Maker Team in Nepal. The machine can make stick-less Dhoop (incense) from 10 kgs of dhoop dough in 30 minutes. User can vary the conveyor belt speed just by turning a nob and doop stick length can be adjusted easily by adjusting cutting blades. Lead screw-based design makes the machine require less, easy and affordable maintenance. The machine consumes maximum of 3KW power on 220V single phase AC.

Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic & Manual Machines

Introducing our Special Automatic, Semi-Automatic & Manual Machines – a versatile and innovative solution that meets all your manufacturing needs with precision and efficiency. Experience the future of production today!!

Semi-automatic Taar Jaali Maker (Barbed Fence Wire Mesh)
Powder Coating Machine
Gem Stone Cutter Machine (Auto/manual feeding gem stone cutting machine)

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